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Our main office in Tucker is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, and can be reached at the phone numbers at the bottom of the page, where you may also contact us via email at

Thanks for supporting Georgia's mental health recovery community.

James E. Todd, Chief Executive Officer

Heather James, Chief of Training and Development
Christi Burdeshaw, Director of Peer Services (Peer Mentoring,

Forensic Peer Mentoring, & DTR)

Kelly Blanton, Director of Respite

Olalekan ("Lekan") Magbagbeola, Interim Manager of Finance

Carly Wade, PSRC-White County, Director 

Jennifer Barnett, PSRC-Bartow County, Director 

Raye Thompson, PSRC Augusta, Director 

Chris Dowling, PSRC-Colquitt County, Interim Director 

Roslind Hayes, Training Manager

Allie Pincus, CPS Training Coordinator 

Bill Jolly, CPS Continuing Education Coordinator 

Daisy Taste, CPS Project 

Jen Banathy, RESPECT Institute Organizational Development Coordinator

Toyia Mather, RESPECT Institute Outreach Coordinator 

Sarah Corley RESPECT Institute Outreach Coordinator 

Angela Adgers, Forensic Peer Mentoring Project Director 
Ready4Reentry FPM Training Project Director (open)
Angela Patterson, DTR Coordinator

Denise Hardy, Wellness Coordinator

Chris Johnson, Director of Communications 


Need some resolution? This is the place.

At every organization our size, things will sometimes fall through the cracks, but people never should. If you are having trouble getting resolution with a situation at GMHCN, our leadership would like to hear about it, and help to make things right. If our staff has performed in some exceptional way that helped make your day better, we would like to hear about that, too. We appreciate every opportunity to make GMHCN a better place to receive and to provide peer support.

Thanks for supporting Georgia's mental health recovery community.

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