Our main office in Decatur is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, and can be reached at the phone numbers at the bottom of the page, where you may also contact us via email at info@gmhcn.org.

Thanks for supporting behavioral health recovery in Georgia!


Sharon Jenkins Tucker, Executive Director sjtucker@gmhcn.org

Lynn Thogersen, Financial Manager lynn@gmhcn.org

Katie Patterson, Executive Administrative Assistant katie@gmhcn.org

Gail Herrschaft, DTR Director dtr@gmhcn.org

Aisha Northington, GBHPAC Coordinator aisha@gmhcn.org
Roslind Hayes, Statewide PSWRC Coordinator roslind@gmhcn.org

Mitch Easley, PSWRC-White County, Director mitch@gmhcn.org

Jennifer Barnett, PSWRC-Bartow, Director jennifer@gmhcn.org

Melissa Kazakides, PSWC-Decatur, Director melissa@gmhcn.org

Kelly Blanton, PSWRC-Colquitt, Director kelly@gmhcn.org

Shelby Long, PSWRC–Henry, Interim Director shelby@gmhcn.org
Raye Thompson, CPS Training Coordinator raye@gmhcn.org

Sam Rapier, CPS Continuing Education Coordinator sam@gmhcn.org

Denise Hardy, CPS, WRAP Training Coordinator denise@gmhcn.org

Mariam Abdul Aziz, CPS Certification Coordinator mariam@gmhcn.org

Jen Banathy, RI Project Director jen@gmhcn.org

Toyia Mather, RI Outreach Coordinator toyia@gmhcn.org

Gena Garner, Peer Mentoring, SDTR Director peermentoring@gmhcn.org
Angela Murphy, Forensic Peer Mentoring Project Director amurphy@gmhcn.org
Lindsey Sizemore, Forensic Peer Mentor Training Project Director, lindsey@gmhcn.org

TaTa-Nisha Frazier, GPSI Coordinator tatanisha@gmhcn.org

Michael Harrell, Administrative Assistant michael@gmhcn.org

Pam Brooks-Crump, RCO and Trauma-Informed Care Coordinator pam@gmhcn.org

Derek Delk, Administrative Assistant derek@gmhcn.org

Chris Johnson, Director of Communications chris@gmhcn.org


Tel 404-687-9487

Toll Free 800-297-6146
Peer2Peer Warm Line 888-945-1414
Fax 404-687-0772


Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network

246 Sycamore Street, Suite 260

Decatur, Georgia 30030​

Funding for many of the programs and initiatives of the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network is provided by Georgia's Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Learn about how DBHDD serves Georgia at their website.

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