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The Voice of Recovery and Wellness

Re·Verb (definition)



  • Take action to create a change. lived at the shelter, now I work at the shelter. (Change the verb.)

  • Tell stories of recovery and hope that reverberate with others. I lived in loneliness and despair, but I have a hopeful and productive life today, and I want to share my experience with others. (Change the world.)

The objective of ReVerb is to allow individuals in recovery from behavioral health concerns to use their voices to share their lived experience.


The goal of ReVerb is the reduction of stigma and the expansion of recovery.


The purpose of ReVerb is to provide hope to individuals, families, and communities.


Episode 6: Leonard - ReVerb
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Episode 6: Leonard

Leonard shares how he stays hopeful after experiencing profound grief and subsequent depression. He describes how he used his art to help recover, and how he approaches every day to remain well. And he laughs—a lot.

Episode 5: Tony - ReVerb
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Episode 5:  Tony

Tony shares his journey from a young man who could only feel good enough when he drank and used drugs, to being a leader in Georgia's recovery movement, a provider and resource for his family, and a productive member of his community. He talks candidly about the time spent in jails and prisons until he was 35 years old, when he reached a turning point, but thought it might be too late to lead a contributing and meaningful life. Seventeen years later, he has a very different perspective. 

Episode 4: Nigel - ReVerb
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Episode 4:  Nigel

Nigel discusses how he first started experiencing the symptoms of schizophrenia while working in New York City, and how stigma impacted his recovery until he discovered peer support. He shares his wellness tools, including the importance of his spiritual life, and talks about the different roles that peers and clinicians play in his recovery.


Episode 3: Stuart - ReVerb
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Episode 3:  Stuart

Stuart shares about how he stopped running away from despair, and silenced the voices in his head, after spending his adolescence and early adulthood in active addiction. He thought joining the Army after 9/11 would give him freedom, but he ended up with prescription narcotics instead. It wasn't until he discovered peer support in a halfway house that he was able to begin living the full and productive life he had been searching for. 


Episode 2: Pam - ReVerb
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Episode 2:  Pam

Pam shares about the role her family played in her active addiction and her recovery, and tools she uses to maintain her wellness, and manage anxiety, depression, and trauma.  


Episode 1: TaTa-Nisha - ReVerb
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Episode 1:  TaTa-Nisha

TaTa-Nisha discusses her journey from a challenging childhood to her life as a mother in recovery trying to make a change in the world. She talks candidly about the challenges she faced through her youth and early adulthood, including her struggle to come to terms with her behavioral health challenges, and her need for medication as a person in addiction recovery.


Welcome - ReVerb
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Welcome to ReVerb

What is the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, and why are people talking about their behavioral health challenges? Sherry Jenkins Tucker, the Executive Director of the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, joins Roslind Hayes and Chris Johnson, the hosts for ReVerb, to discuss the impact of the voice of the peer in the behavioral health community in Georgia, and GMHCN's role in advancing peer support services. 


Music Credit

Focus by A.A. Aalto is adapted for use in ReVerb under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Visit Podington Bear to hear more work by Chad Crouch. 


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