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Certified Peer Specialist project
application process


The Georgia CPS Project Training is open to Georgians at least 18 years of age. Additionally:

1) Candidates must be willing to identify as a person living with a mental health condition and be willing to use their lived recovery experience to support others in their recovery.

2) Applicants must have at least a high school diploma/GED, and may be required to provide documentation.

3) Must be well grounded in recovery with at least one year working towards wellness and recovery.

4) Strong reading, comprehension, and written communication skills as indicated by answers on the application.

5) Ideally, applicants will have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy, or governance.


There are two basic components to the CPS application process, a written application and a phone interview, which are discussed on this page. For information on fees and application/training dates, please visit the CPS Training Schedule page.

The written application is available online only, and is typically available for between 7-14 days. The highest scoring applicants from the written component are invited by email to participate in a phone interview, and those not selected for a phone interview are notified via email that they were not selected.

The CPS Project often receives more than 100 applications for online and in-person trainings. It is recommended that applicants thoroughly and completely fill out the online application, as the quality and content of the application will determine who is selected for the phone interview.

It is strongly recommended that you complete your answers to each question in a document (such as a Microsoft Word or Google doc) that you can save and keep. No website is perfect, including Jotform, and some applicants have lost their answers during the submission process. Others have lost their answers due to other communication/technology issues, so emailing your answers to yourself is a good way to ensure you have access to them later.

Once an application is successfully submitted, you will receive a copy of your submission via email from Jotform.

Submitting an application early does not increase an applicant’s score in any way.

The phone interview process lasts about a week. The email applicants receive will direct them to a website where they are able to schedule the date and time of their phone interview. Each phone interview lasts for no more than ten minutes, and is scored by the staff and volunteers who conduct the interview.

In the first part of the phone interview, applicants are asked a series of questions about themselves, their worldviews, and their understanding of what a Certified Peer Specialist is.

In the second part of the phone interview, applicants are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their potential as Certified Peer Specialist by responding to two scenarios as though they are already working as a CPS.

Within 7-10 business days, the 30 highest scoring applicants (from the combined score of both the written application and phone interview) are notified via email that they have been selected to participate in the training, and the lower scoring applicants are notified via email that they have not been selected to participate in the training.


Those accepted to the training have 10-20 business days to decide whether or not to attend the training and pay the Registration/Training Fee before their place is offered to the next ranked applicant.

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