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The Georgia Peer Support Institute (GPSI) is an immersion in peer support designed to:

  1. Teach the principles of recovery from behavioral health challenges

  2. Teach characteristics of peer-directed, peer-run, and recovery-oriented behavioral health services; and

  3. Teach skills to take an active role in one’s own recovery, and the creation of a meaningful life.

Throughout the Institute, participants share knowledge and experiences, while developing new relationships with peers and themselves.

Each spring and fall, 30 behavioral health peers are selected to participate in GPSI. Peers are selected based primarily on their responses to a series of brief questions on the application, such as Why are you interested in attending the Institute? and What do you hope to gain from attending?


Those selected are expected to plan and implement a project on some aspect of the training when they return to their community. All expenses for training materials, lodging, and meals will be covered, and travel expenses reimbursed (everyone is responsible for their own transportation to the Institute).


What can you expect to learn at the Institute?

  • Principles of recovery and self-determination.

  • How to start and sustain mutual self-help peer support groups.

  • How supported employment promotes recovery.

  • How to get the most benefit from behavioral health services.

  • New information and perspectives about yourself.

The application is made available each spring and fall, well in advance of the application deadline. To stay aware of this and other opportunities offered through the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, consider subscribing to our email list by clicking here.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at the phone number at the bottom of this page, and ask to speak with the Georgia Peer Support Institute Coordinator, or email directly to

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