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Continuing education 

After successful completion of the CPS examination, a CPS is required to have a minimum of 12 continuing education units (CEUs) per calendar year.  The time frame for beginning acquisition of CEUs is the year following the year in which the CPS passed the certification exam. 

For example:  If a CPS passed the certification exam at any time 2018, CEUs begin accruing in January 2019.  Twelve CEUs must be acquired by December 31, 2019.  The cycle will then repeat beginning January 2020.  Additional CEUs over the required 12 hour are not transferable to the following year.


There are many opportunities to obtain CEU’s through workshops, webinars, and conferences.

Some of the opportunities are listed below.  Please be aware that the dates shown are tentative and subject to change as needed.

Spring CEU Training in Macon, Georgia, April 15, 2020
THIS TRAINING HAS BEEN CANCELED IN  RESPONSE TO PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNS. Please consider utilizing the online trainings at the bottom of this page to fulfill your continuing education requirements.

  • Available only to Georgia Certified Peer Specialists-Mental Health.

  • Opportunity for 6 hours of CEU Training offered annually.

  • The training will be held for one day in 2020.

  • Advanced registration is required.

  • Participants may pick up their CEU certificates after the close of events on training day, otherwise, certificates will be mailed to participants the following week.

  • Participants must attend all activities during the day to receive full CEU credit.

GMHCN Summer Conference (offered annually in August at St. Simons Island, GA)

  • Opportunity for 9 hours of CEU Training offered annually by attending keynotes and workshops at the conference.

  • Advance conference registration is required.  Keynote presentations are available to all participants; workshop availability is on a first-come; first-served basis.

  • Check lists and signature sheets for attending keynotes and workshops may be picked up throughout the conference.

  • Signature sheets may be turned in to CPS Project staff on the last day of the conference or mailed, emailed, or faxed into the GMHCN offices thereafter.

  • Due to the high volume of participants, physical certificates copies are mailed out by request only.

  • For more information and updates, please visit the www.gmhcn.org website.


Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) Training

  • Complete your WHAM Training to become a certified Wellness Coaching and receive 12 CEUs.

  • Please check the www.gmhcn.org website for updates, trainings, and locations.



RESPECT Institute

  • 3 and ½ day training to develop your recovery story for presentation in public venues.

  • Completion of Respect Institute provided 18 hours of CEUs.




  • Intentional Peer Support

  • Trauma Informed Peer Support

  • WRAP

  • Peer Zone

Webinars (CEU credits are granted based on hour equivalencies):

  • Content must be recovery-oriented and strengths-based.

  • All webinar announcements posted below are eligible for CEUs.

  • Relias Online Learning Modules can also receive CEU credit. (Review and prior approval of specific modules is required.  Not all modules are eligible to receive credit.)


Other CPS Trainings and Certifications with CEU Credit:

Online Resources/Webinars:

Certified Peer Specialists can also attend webinars and receive CEUs from a range of national websites.  CEUs for webinars are hour equivalencies - e.g. - 1 hour = 1 CEU; 1.5 hours=1.5 CEUs.  

Acceptable webinars must be recovery oriented, which means that they focus on topics of wellness, holistic approaches to recovery, strengths-based perspectives, community resource linking, person-centered treatment, and so forth. Unacceptable webinars include those that focus on strictly clinical topics such as the DSM-5, diagnosis, clinical assessments, psychiatric treatment modalities, etc..

Some organizations the frequently provide CEU opportunities that are recovery-oriented include:

Please note that not all webinars on these websites meet the above criteria. Please review the webinar content prior to participating, and verify that it meets the CPS Project criteria. Please contact the CPS Project at ceu@gmhcn.org with any questions.

If you are also a CPS-AD (CARES), you may receive CEU credit from your CARES training and CARES Connect.

In general, to attend a webinar, you sign up with your email and attend on the time and date indicated.  Once the webinar is complete, you should receive either a "thank you for attending" email, an actual certificate, or both. 

Submitting CEU Documentation

Upcoming Ceu Opportunities

Better Outcomes through Better Documentation is a webinar hosted by the Georgia CPS projected and will be facilitated by Jean Olshefsky and John Dixon from Beacon Health Options on Tuesday, May 5 Click to Register

Doors to Wellbeing Peer Specialist Monthly Webinar Series an ongoing series provided by The Copeland Center Click to Register

Preparing for Coronavirus and Influenza is a series provided by Relias Learning Click to Register

What Peer Support Specialists Need to Know about Telehealth in the Current Crisis - Part 1 presented by the SAMHSA Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Central East Region 3
Monday, April 6 Click to Register

Supervision of Peer Providers: Effective Supervision of Peers by Non-Peer Supervisors

Tuesday, April 7 Click to Register

Treasure Hunt: Finding accessible, affordable, and safe housing for clients coming out of homelessness

Wednesday, April 8 Click to Register

The Resilient Option: Mindfulness Redesigned for the 21st Century

Wednesday, April 8 Click to Register

Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

Thursday, April 16  Click to Register


Role of Health and Wellness in Recovery: Interventions to Reduce the High Rates of Morbidity and Mortality Among People with Serious Mental Illnesses 

Thursday, April 23 Click to Register

Role of Religion and Spirituality in Recovery: Benefits and Challenges of Religion and Spirituality in Recovery and Strategies for Navigating this Topic 

Thursday, May 7 Click to Register

Recovery in the Hispanic and Latinx Community: What is the Understanding of Recovery in the Hispanic and Latinx Community and How Can We Support It 

Thursday, May 21 Click to Register

Outreach Wellness Learning (OWL) Webinar


Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, the agency that provides funding for the Certified Peer Specialist Project, is creating a database of all Certified Peer Specialists across the state, and they have asked us to provide them with updated information for all Certified Peer Specialists, including date of birth. Depending on when you completed your training and certification, the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network may not have your date of birth and current contact information (including mailing address and working phone number) on file.


It is very important that we be able to provide DBHDD this information as soon as possible. Please click here to update your CPS information, including your date of birth, at your earliest convenience.


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