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Online Recovery and Wellness Resources

The online recovery and wellness activities offered by GMHCN by the Certified Peer Specialists at our Peer Recovery and Wellness Centers supplement the in-person offerings provided at the five Centers GMHCN operates with support from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabiliites.

Saturday February 24th

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Wrapping up the week with Melanie

Sunday February 25th

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Self Care Sundays with

Monday February 26th

10am-11am New Normal

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Let's Talk About Goals with Ruth Naomi

2:30pm-3:30pm Double Trouble in Recovery with Angela

Tuesday February 27th

10am-11am New Normal with CPS Project

1pm-2pm Peer Connections with Chris

2:30pm-3:30pm Y'all Recovery with Carly

Wednesday February 28th

10am-11am New Normal with Chris

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Open Conversation with Carly

2:30pm-3:30pm Double Trouble in Recovery with Nina

Thursday February 29th

10am-11am New Normal -Music for the Soul with Shana

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Peer Mentor Hour with Dottie

2:30pm-3:30pm Y'all Recovery with White County PSRC

Friday March 1st

10am-11am RESPECT Institute of Georgia Graduation

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Trivia Time with Chelsi

2:30pm-3:30pm Double Trouble in Recovery with Donna

Saturday March 2nd

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Wrapping up the week with

Sunday February 3rd

1pm-2pm Peer Connections Self Care Sundays with

Call in: 646-558-8656

Meeting ID: 341 153 3354

Wellness Activities and Resources (see our External Resources page for traditional resources)

Georgia Recovery Resources Online Google doc maintained by Jake at Recovery Resources of Atlanta Midtown
In The Rooms
 online mutual support including (but not limited to) mental health and Twelve Step meetings
Brene Brown
 has lots of resources online that are helpful to many recovery and wellness journeys
LGBTQ 12-Step meetings are online from the Galano Club in Atlanta
Yoga with Adriene excellent free yoga instruction on YouTube
Fitness Blender has over 500 home workout videos on YouTube, from beginner to guru, no equipment required
Coweta Force
 has some great online recovery and wellness sources 

Fun, Educational, and/or Just Nifty Things to Do Online

The New York Times has created a new "At Home" section with interesting/fun things to do while we stay-at-home
HBO is offering free 500 hours of some excellent series (like "The Sopranos") with their #StayHomeBoxOffice campaign
Hogwarts is now in your living room, thanks to JK Rowling

Learn to Cook with Julia Child (requires PBS or Amazon Prime Membership)

Watch a Live Puppet Show with Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts (Zoom)
Livestream a Concert from this diverse list (updated regularly by NPR)
Watch a Broadway Show from this Playbill compilation (from different subscription services)
Watch Live Improv from Dad's Garage an Atlanta staple of fun (can be adult-themed)

Learn to Recognize (or make!) 50 bird sounds because that might be helpful one day!
Virtual Tour of the Catacombs of Paris (also creepy but in a different way)
Bake Some Fancy Pastries since all our bakeries are closed, now's a great time to learn
The Beluga Webcam at the Georgia Aquarium is a lovely and meditative experience
The Panda Cam at the Atlanta Zoo is less meditative, but it is nice to see someone who enjoys eating

The National Museum of Natural History has multiple virtual tours, so a little something for everyone
The Virtual Tours of Yellowstone National Park  are awesome, but the whole National Park website is packed with cool stuff
This List of 79 Comedians to Discover is based on comedians we already like, and has links to where we can watch them
The Metropolitan Opera is streaming its performances for free 
10 Free Online College Art Courses that you take at your own pace


There is tons of art online, most of it can be found at Google Arts&Culture. Some highlights:

The Louvre is online
The British Museum has an incredibly nifty interactive history of art across the world
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is online (sort of)
The Whitney has an astonishing variety of performances and interviews online  (also, art)

Mauritshuis, home of "The Goldfinch" and "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" has its entire collection online in super-high definition

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