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Trauma-Informed Care

The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network sees a critical need for Trauma-Informed Care. We see a great number of individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives, and the devastating long-term consequences of that lived experience. Providing Trauma-Informed Care Training, focused on systems change for Georgia’s Peer Workforce, enhances the important work done by Certified Peer Specialists (CPS), Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CPS-AD), Certified Peer Specialists-Parent (CPS-P), and Certified Peer Specialists-Youth (CPS-Y). We believe Trauma-Informed Care training positively and significantly impacts the lives of many people within our state, and has a direct impact on the utilization of a wide array of behavioral health services.

Through CPS Trauma-Informed Care basic training sessions, informational presentations to community groups and interested organizations, at conferences, and through continuing education opportunities, this project is positively impacting Georgia’s Recovery Oriented System of Care.

For more information on this program, please contact Heather James at 404-687-9487 or

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