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we need to hear from all of georgia
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In 2023, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration established a primary national goal: Accelerate the universal adoption, recognition and integration of the peer mental health workforce across the nation’s healthcare system. GMHCN began preparing for this unique opportunity and partnered with DBHDD to host six regional listening sessions to gain insight from the behavioral health workforce on how well the current training curriculum and continuing education program serve the needs of the CPS workforce and the providers who employ them.

GMHCN is continuing its long-standing partnership with the Georgia Council for Recovery in the design and execution of the listening sessions, coming at a very pivotal moment. We are not only being challenged to meet new national standards released by SAMHSA earlier this year, we are also charged with growing the CPS Workforce and Forensic Peer Mentor Workforce to meet the increasing need and demand for behavioral healthcare by Georgians. Together we plan to find out what providers and Certified Peer Specialists need from us as we develop the tools and trainings that will empower the next generation of the Georgia peer workforce.

Two listening sessions will be held in each region--one for Certified Peer Specialists and one for the clinicians and administrators they work with. The listening sessions will be held in December. Check back here for the date and location of your listening session.

REGION 1 Listening Sessions December 8, 2023  

Hosted by J's Place Recovery. Click to register for Region 1

REGION 2 Listening Sessions December 13, 2023  

Hosted by Alliance Recovery. Click to register for Region 2

REGION 3 Listening Sessions December 14, 2023

Hosted by Viewpoint Health. Click to register for Region 3

REGION 4 Listening Sessions December 7, 2023
Hosted by Aspire BHDD Services. Click to register for Region 4

REGIon 5 listening Sessions December 11, 2023 

TBD Hosted by Pineland CSB Click to Register for Region 5

REGION 6 listening sessions December 12, 2023 
Hosted by Stuart-Perry Wellness Center. Click to register for Region 6

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