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Recovery focused


The Recovery Focused Transformation Project (RFT) is an initiative of Georgia's Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, and is a collaboration of GMHCN and lead consultants Dr. David Stayner and Dr. Diertra Hawkins. RFT is working with Georgia's Community Service Boards to facilitate the transformation of Georgia into a Recovery Oriented System of Care, better able to improve the lives of Georgians, their families, and communities. 

The RFT process lasts for one year from the beginning to the showcase, with each CSB identifying four to six projects where they feel urgency to change. These projects come from within the agency themselves and build upon what is already working well. 

A core leaders/catalyst team is created at each organization of change-makers who support recovery. This team typically includes management, clinicians, peers, and community stakeholders. It is suggested that this team meet monthly to insure that the projects are getting what they need to move forward, and that they are in line with the mission of their Community Service Board. Additionally this team may help receive agency authorization to implement change, and keeps the dialogue going among the diverse stakeholders, where new ideas and projects may emerge.

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