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Giving Tuesday
DECEMBER 1, 2020

The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network does not regularly engage in fund-raising appeals. Thanks to a blend of federal, state, and grant funding, we have been able to provide free support services to Georgians throughout our history. All of our trainings are free, except the Certified Peer Specialist Project training, a two-week training with a nominal fee of $85—and there are limited scholarships available for that training, too.

However, we do have expenses that cannot be covered by federal, state, or grant funding. And, at a time of tightening budgets, it is becoming increasingly important for those who value the work of GMHCN to contribute financially so that we may continue to work hard for the people of Georgia.

If you are interested in providing financial support to a particular training or initiative, please contact our finance office at the toll free number below, and we will make certain your contribution is properly directed and utilized.

If you are not able to make a financial contribution, we hope that you will consider becoming a member of GMHCN. Your voice of support is invaluable to us.


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