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Behavioral Health Planning

and Advisory Council

The Georgia Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council is the federally mandated committee charged to review and comment on the State plan of allocation of federal block grant money. The GBHPAC is also authorized to review and comment on mental health services within the state; serve as advocate for chronically mentally ill individuals; seriously emotionally disturbed children and youth; and other individuals with mental illness or emotional problems.


In 1986, a federal statute was passed that required U.S. states and territories to conduct mental health planning as a condition for receiving federal mental health block grant dollars. The planning process must include various stakeholders-consumer groups and consumers of mental health services, parents of children with emotional disorders, family members of adults with severe, and persistent mental illness; and representatives from state agencies such as education, community health, criminal justice, housing, social services, as well as public and private providers concerned with the need, planning, operation funding and use of mental health services and related support services.


The GAMHPAC was established in 1989 according to the Public Health Services Act,Title XIX, Section 1914 (b) resulting from Public Law 106-310 by the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Disease (MHDDAD) within Department of Human Resources (DHS) established in OCGA Chapter 37-2. The GAMHPAC continues in this capacity under the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilties (DBHDD) established in OCGA Chaper 37-1 in 2009.


The scope of this Council shall encompass, not less than once a year, the monitor, review, and evaluation of the State plan for mental health services; examination of the providers of state services toward provision of the best treatment available for most-in-need chronically mentally ill adults, seriously emotionally disturbed children and youth, and other individuals in Georgia with mental illness or emotional problems; and advocacy for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances. The Council may utilize whatever information and assistance are available within the DBHDD to effect positive change following such examination and advocacy. We invite those interested in becoming a member of the Council and participating in its important work use the application form found as a link to this web page. The Council reviews the application and recommendations are made to the Commissioner of the DBHDD, who appoints Council members. The Georgia Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council meets six times a year.

For information about joining or supporting the Georgia Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council, please email or phone at the number listed below.

GBHPAC Membership Application (opens in *.pdf)

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