Recovery Community Organizations

The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network supports the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse in an ongoing, statewide effort to support communities in Georgia as they build collaborative relationships to support recovery from substance use. The Recovery Community Organization Development Project, funded by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, has been instrumental in providing skills, tools, and information to grassroots community leaders in Georgia who want to increase the impact of substance use recovery. 

While providing technical assistance to communities interested in developing Recovery Community Organizations, we work to make certain that the voice of behavioral health recovery is heard, and that people and organizations recognize the deep ties between substance use recovery and mental health recovery. We know how important a holistic approach to wellness is for people to achieve and maintain long-term substance use recovery, and a Recovery Oriented System of Care that nurtures both substance use recovery and mental health recovery is also integral to the success of community recovery initiatives.

As part of this project, we help:

  • Organize focused conversations about recovery

  • Plan for and host local recovery symposiums, and

  • Foster local collaborative relationships for continued development of communities that are recovery-focused


Key themes that are addressed through symposium activities include:

  • Building peer leadership and peer culture

  • Person-centered assessments & supports

  • Continued supports based on treatment for chronic conditions

  • Community engagement & inclusion of recovery partners who support people with staying well


The goals of the Recovery Symposiums are threefold:

  1. To develop local resources and leadership in recovery oriented initiatives

  2. To develop local “learning communities” as allies and partners in a continuing effort to create a system of care that is community based

  3. To develop local awareness of the recovery movement and local behavioral health services

For more information on this program, please email, or visit the web page of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, who lead this initiative.

A recovery symposium is being planned for the community of Swainsboro this October. Interested in helping us plan for this event? Please contact Pam Brooks-Crump at