Alternative and complementary approches to mental health
~ Alternative Medicine and Your Health Insurance: How to Get More Out of Your Plan

~ A Study Finds Mental Benefit of Fish Oil

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~ Alternative

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Anxiety, Fear and Breathing

Arts activities aid people with mental health needs

Art for heart's sake

Balancing Act—The Poetry Cure

Beat Mental Illness with Nutrition

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Brain Food: The Natural Cure for Depression

Causes and Natural Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Choices in Recovery (pdf)

Coming off medication?

~ Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Rx: Safety Issues

~ Conventional Psychiatry Did Not Help Me, says Margot Kidder

~ Dealing with Depression Naturally

~ Depression can be prevented and treated with simple healing foods

Depression - Natural Alternatives

Developing A Recovery And Wellness Lifestyle

'~ Diets' That Promote Health (and Always Have)

~ Eight Superfoods for Health and Beauty From Your Local Grocery Store

~ Eat proper foods to stay well this season

~ Ending Mood Disorders Without Drugs

~ Eric Shapiro Elaborates on Alternative Mental Health

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~ Exercise may boost brain's natural antidepressant

~ Exercise on par with drugs for aiding depression

~ Experts ponder link between creativity, mood disorders

~ Finding the Medical Causes of Severe Mental Symptoms

~ Food for Thought

~ Foods and your Moods

~ Get More Involved with Your Healthcare

~ Going Green Benefits Physical, Mental Health

~ Good Friends Are Good for You

~ Gluten Sensitivity and Mental Illness

~ Help to Quit Smoking Toolkit (4mb) (pdf)

~ Help Guide Info on Alternatives (doc)

~ Healing Foods (doc)

~ Healing power of gardening

~ Healthy living could save U.S. $1 trillion, study finds

~ Healthy Solutions—8 Ways to Feed Your Brain

~ High-carb diet may help you think faster

~ Health and Wellness…your body, your health, your life

~ Incense can alleviate anxiety, depression

~ International Guide to Alternative Mental Health

~ Laughter Is The Best Medicine

~ Lifetime Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

~ Lifestyle Changes as Treatment for Mental Health Concerns

~ Live Your Life Well

~ Load up on these five items and your brain will thank you

~ Lotus Therapy

~ Making sense of coming off psychiatric drugs

~ Meditating through mental illness

~ Meditation May Increase Gray Matter

~ Meditation a Quick Fix for Stress

~ Mental Health Treatment That Works

~ Mental Illness as a Spiritual Path

~ The Million Hearts ABCs poster (pdf)

~ Mind guide to food and mood

~ Mood Menders

~ N- Acetylcysteine Reduces Hair-Pulling Symptoms

~ National Council Article on Peer Support Whole Health (doc)

~ Natural Medicine Does Not Mean Less Effective

~ Natural sleep or soothing remedies

~ Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health

~ Nutrition for Beginners

~ Nutrition is Key to Mental Health

~ Nutrition by Natalie

~ Omega-3 for Depression and Bipolar Disorder


~ Physical fitness helps mental health, too

~ Priority Health - Treating anxiety naturally

~ Pumpkin's Tryptophan Helps with Sleep, Sex and Mental Wellness

~ Recovery Using Restorative Orthomolecular Medicine

~ Rise in Mental Illness Linked to Unhealthy Diets

~ Safe Harbor

~ Self-directed mental wellness care

~ Six Ways You Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle

~ Smoking Cessation Guide

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~ Sowing the seeds of change

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~ The Health Benefits of Listening to Music

~ The Medicinal Powers of Yoga

~ The Overlooked Relationship Between Infectious Diseases and Mental Symptoms

~ The power of music

~ The Role of Amino Acids in Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health

~ Top 11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

~ Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep Tonight

~ Try a natural high instead

~ Vitamin D's Deficiencies

~ Vitamins for bipolar: cure or quackery?

~ Virtual Trainer Available to Assist Consumers with Health and Fitness

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~ We need music to survive

~ What is holisitic mental health?

~ Words of Wellness (pdf)

~ Work stress tied to higher depression risk

~ Would you like to quit smoking?

~ The Zen Way of Managing Stress (pdf)

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