Natural sleep or soothing remedies

This is only a small list of possible natural means to help induce sleep. Ideally they should be accompanied with no caffeine and a good diet in general as well as other supporting nutrients. As with all nutrients one should always be careful and start slowly and see how one does. Regular meditation too can help.

My favorite amino acid compound is called Travacor (by Neuroscience)’s a combination of Taurine, Theanine and 5-HTP and some other nutrients to aid absorption…you generally need a medical provider to get it for you…I get it through a friend who is a chiropractor so I can get it cheap…otherwise it’s quite pricey.

You may be able to find it online without a medical provider if you hunt around a bit but you will pay more (with or without a medical provider—nutritionist or alternative doc)

The alternative is to go to a health food store and get all three amino acids separately…

and Tryptophan (rather than 5-HTP becaues tryptophan is actually more bioavailable and the compound above has some other nutrients added that make bioavailability higher and 5-HTP simply turns into Tryptophan in any case)

5-HTP and Tryptophan should NEVER BE TAKEN WITH AN ANTIDEPRESSANT. They are all serotogenic and can cause serotonin syndrome when combined which can cause death.

Anyway if you want to experiment just try one of those amino acids at a time….and possibly all three (but add only one at a time)…and see how you do…

GABA sublinguals help too—very good stuff—I found GABA taken orally does nothing but some people love it.

You can get this stuff cheap online (the non-compounded stuff) at

All of this stuff is simply soothing and does not tend to be sedating so you can also take it in the day time too….for me it simply allows me to sleep…it does NOT knock me out.

Other natural things that work for some people:

Tart Cherry Extract — a natural form of melatonin—I hated melatonin—this stuff is really gentle

Calms Forte by Hylands (homeopathic company but not a homeopathic remedy…lots of people find it calming)

I hate Valerian and it can be abused and people can become addicted…but for short term use it can be okay…I tried a product called Herbal Sleep by Nature’s Sunshine it’s got Hops, Passion Flower and Valerian. It knocks the crap out of me but it also gave me a hangover and I won’t use it…but again, for occasional use I can say it works and some people may not find it unpleasant like I did.

Nighty Night Tea by Traditional Medicines has hops and passion flower without the valerian….very nice but I don’t like to drink anything before I go to bed…but it rocks and can be simply calming in the day time.

I went 6 months sleeping only 1 to 3 hours a night. I’ve been sleeping for a good long time in spite of withdrawing from benzos that make a lot of people suffer from insomnia in a massive way. I experimented at various times with all this stuff. There are other things on the market as well.

This is not exhaustive and NOT a recommendation for anyone in particular. Consider this information for further research.


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