Double Trouble in Recovery
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Double Trouble in Recovery
Welcome to Double Trouble in Recovery

Double Trouble in Recovery was introduced to the Atlanta metro area in 1996; the idea was to have drop-in centers for the homeless so they would have a place to go during the Olympics. Double Trouble in Recovery was added to the drop-in centers during the Olympics.
Double Trouble originated in three churches in the Ponce de Leon area of Atlanta, and was named the Ponce Project. The Ponce Project comes under the umbrella of the Georgia Mental Heath Consumer Network. In the past 16 years Double Trouble has grown immensely, we now have 45 meetings in the metro Atlanta area.
 In 2007 Double Trouble went statewide. We have 2 meetings in all the Georgia Regional hospitals and several meetings in the communities surrounding the hospitals. Please refer to list of
The facilitators of Double Trouble are also dually diagnosed; implementing the benefit of one dually diagnosed person helping another. All of our facilitators have between 6 and 22 years in recovery, are encouraged to take care of their mental health and work on their own personal recovery.
Double Trouble in Recovery thanks you for interest in our program. We welcome the chance to add your facility to the growing list of Double Trouble meetings in the Atlanta Metro area and statewide.

Thank You

Gail Herrschaft                       Gena Garner
Director                                  Statewide Coordinator             

Double Trouble in Recovery is a twelve-step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their particular addictions and mental health problems.

(Reference: Double Trouble in Recovery brochure, originally developed in Philadelphia, PA)

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