This page can include recovery stories, poetry, essays, even pet stories. The common thread among all submissions is recovery. What does recovery mean to you? Who inspires you and why? What helps you make it through the day? These are examples of topics that can be submitted, but you can get as creative as you like. You can also send pictures to go with your submissions or to stand alone. If you are a musician and would like others to hear samples of your work, send an mp3. 

Much appreciation to the incredible talent listed below. Enjoy!

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Addiction Survivors Share the Best Drug Rehabilitation that Worked for Them
~ Constance Ray ~

Beautiful Scars 'Two'
~ Brian Anderson~

My Testimony
~ Volley Nelson ~

My Recovery Story
~ Volley Nelson ~

Original Essays
~ Henrico Norris ~

Morgan's Voice (pdf)

Should I or should I not,
That is Not The Question!
~ Brenda Johnson ~

Proactive Wellness Exercise
~ Rachel Rochon ~

Beyond Broken Thoughts
In My Shame I Was Silent
~ Noel Black ~

Finding Balance
~ Rachel Rochon ~

The Mentally Ill
~ Christopher D. Taylor ~

Coping with Grief or Loss
~ Heather King ~

The Wind Never Lies (pdf)
~ Steven Morgan ~

Docile Mental Patients
~ Susan Mercurio ~

Let me Tell you a Story
~ Susan Mercurio ~

Flip Flops Instead of Sneakers
True stories of trauma in women
~ gail herrschaft ~

Recovered Wreckage
~ April Trice ~

The Need for Choice in the
Mental Health System
~ Denise Fletcher ~

"You've got a Friend"
Volley Nelson

Volley Nelson

"A Groovy Kind of Love"
Volley Nelson

"Bohemian Rhapsody"
by Matt Bonaker (mp3)

Enur Requiem on MySpace

MOJO: St. Simon's Island, GA

Brian Anderson Debut CD

A Stolen Generation...Youth Suicide Spoken Word by Licy-Be

by Candace Clere

"The Journey of Hope"
by Tierra Davidson

"Finding Hope"
by Robert Gray

"Recovery" Sonnet
by Phyllesa J. Power

Poetry by Kenya “The Visionair”
Rucker - Phillips

Poems by
Bernice Sellers

Poems by
Marquintala Cuffee

Poetry by
Michelle Peterson

"Mental Health Day at the Capitol"
by Cynthia Bohannon-Brown

"When You See Me"
by Amei N. Newkirk

Poetry by

Poems by
Eddie Meyer

Poems by
Jennifer Turner

by Brenda Johnson

by Duane Sherry

Sonnets by Larry Gates

Blame it all on the Neo-Cortex by Brenda Brick

Poems by Samuel Rapier

I AM by Marilyn Young

Poems by Jen G

Poems by ~g and Stephen

Poems by De Adra Phillips

The Ocean's Orchestra
by Steve Wilkinson

A Consumer's Voice
by W. Fred Long

"My Dream" by
Emily Long

Original Artwork by
Marcie Coltman

Art, Paintings, and Poetry by
Stephanie Wiggins

Photography by
Stephanie Wiggins

Art by
Sheila Whidby

Lest We Forget by
Beth Filson

Paintings by
Carol A. Coussons, CPS, MS

Artwork by
April Trice