~ Bartow County Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Center celebrates sixth anniversary

~ Tony Sanchez's RESPECT Institute Experience

~ National Survey of Compensation Among Peer Support Specialists

~ The Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Benefits Outreach Program

~ Fitzgerald sworn in as DBHDD chief

~ What’s up for 2017?

~ Georgia Collaborative ASO - Change in Leadership

~ An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care

~ Is Mourning Madness?

~ Does your agency truly support your peer workers?

~ Food Stamp ban lifted July 1, 2016 on persons convicted of  possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance

~ Supportive Housing Helps Vulnerable People Live and Thrive in the Community

~ GeorgiaTrend: Changing the Conversation

~ NEW Peer Roles Handbook

~ A Better Tomorrow - DBHDD E-Journal

~ Mental Health Advocates Oppose Forced "Treatment" over More Effective and Less Expensive Voluntary Care

~ Personal care home closing displaces vulnerable community members

~ Peers present the case for peer support services on Capitol Hill

~ Depressed? Apps lift mood with personalized therapy

~ Announcement of New NASMHPD Executive Director

~ The frontier of peer support moves to our jails and courts

~ More mental health training sought for DeKalb police

~ Peer Respites Hold Promise for Reducing the System’s Reliance on Institutional Treatment

~ Empowerment, Identity and Hope. Recovery and Peer/User-led models in Global Mental Health

~ Advocates Launch Campaign to Advance Recovery-Focused Mental Health Care - Recovery Now!

~ Open Journal article from Tod Citron (8 mb pdf)

~ NASMHPD Report: - Enhancing the Peer Provider Workforce:
Recruitment, Supervision, and Retention

~ Feedback from WHAM Graduates, Outcomes, and Sustaining Funding for a Peer Program

~ Stuart Perry welcomes Sam's Shortline Railroad

~ From recovery to resilience via health activation

~ Paul Gionfriddo Named President and CEO of Mental Health America

~ WHO Mental Health Report

~ The WRAP® APP!

~ The Integrated Workforce: New Core Competencies and Resources

~ A Spirit Unbroken - David Oaks

~ The Peer-Provider Collaboration as a Platform for Research
Dr. Anthony Ahmed at the GMHCN Conference (ppt)

~ (LERN) National Study of Peer-Run Organizations and Consumer-Operated Services - Results (pdf)

~ GRI Defines Recovery!

~ Peers easing strain of MH workforce issues

~ Level-of-Care Criteria for Peer Support Services: A Best-Practice Guide (pdf)

~ On Running and Recovery

~ 'Peers' Seen Easing Mental Health Worker Shortage

~ DBHDD Housing Vision Paper

~ Running for Recovery by Jen Banathy (docx)

~ Commissioner Announcement-Office of Recovery Transformation

~ I Am Olmstead

~ Video: Rollins School of Public Health's 'Behind The Research' - HARP

~ The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP)

~ Video "Not Without Us"

~ Optimism is Theme on Mental Health Day

~ Center Focuses on Mental Health Recovery Through Peer Support

~ Busting the Mental Illness Myths

~ Mindfulness and meditation training could ease PTSD symptoms, researchers say

~ Make or Break Opportunities: Providing Alternatives During a First Major Crisis

~ Graduates celebrate RESPECT, growth

~ Testimony of Larry Fricks to Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Hearing (pdf)

~ Full Senate Committee Hearing - Assessing the State of America’s Mental Health System

~ Ellyn Jeager: Don’t make scapegoats of people with mental illness

~ David Oaks - Activist down but not out

~ Daniel B. Fisher and Linda Rosenberg testify before the Biden Task Force on Gun Violence

~ Martin Luther King to psychologists: We need creative maladjustment

~ Where Do Messages of Hopelessness in Mental Health Care Come From?

~ Article:  Soldier prevents suicide

~ Article - Whitfield Peer Support Program (pdf)

~ DSM-5: Psychiatrists OK Vast Changes To Diagnosis Manual

~ Are you “isolating” and “withdrawing” or do you just need to spend some time alone?

~ NY Times - The Psych Approach

~ Lack of Funding at Root of  Personal Care Home Failures

~ New Guide: A Sane Approach to Psychiatric Drugs

~ VIDEO: Intecovery - Be One In a Million

~ Pier Support!

~ Lack of Funding at Root of  Personal Care Home Failures

~ New Guide: A Sane Approach to Psychiatric Drugs

~ New Commissioner Joins DBHDD (doc)

~ Conquering Benign Paternalism

~ Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs - 2nd Edition

~ A Consumer Guide to Health Reform

~ A New Understanding of “Psychosis” by Dan Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.

~ Take MindFreedom Survey on Hope in Mental Health Care

~ No immediate plan for mental health court, Bartow shifts treatment focus

~ Reviving the Myth of Mental Illness by Steve Morgan (pdf)

~ Toward Creating a Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice System

~ AJC - Medicaid more than medical aid

~ Unlicensed homes to face more state scrutiny

~ HUD Makes Available $85 Million to Fund Housing
for Extremely Low-Income Persons with Disabilities

~ AJC - Lax enforcement in personal care homes

~ Progress on mental health, but gaps remain

Label jars, not people

~ The National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery Statement of support for 5/5: Occupy the APA

~ Get Social! Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission, Raise Awareness, and Provide Peer Support

~ How do controversial revisions in psychiatry's guidebook make you feel?

~ Former patients protest psychiatrist convention

~  Protesters say psychiatrists over-label and over-medicate

~ Violence in Psychiatric Hospitals Usually Triggered by Staff, Not Patients

~ "Remembering Kate"  by Mary Ellen Copeland

~ Relationships Matter: Creating Community Through Peer Support

~ Outcome survey for evaluating peer support (pdf)

~ Successful examples of peer run programs in the United States that create complete mental health recovery

~ Recovery: Why is it being redefined to mean “doing better but still mentally ill”?

~ Emotional CPR: An Introduction to Assisting Others through Emotional Crisis

~ DBHDD awarded grant to create more peer services

~ MAD IN AMERICA - A Documentary project


~ Embracing a Working Life for All

~ USA Today - Forced Treatment Doesn't Work by Joseph Rogers

~ Helping, Fixing, or Serving?

~ So, What's Wrong with Hearing Voices?

Inner voices, inner strength: Peer-support approach challenges long-held views of mental illness

~ Breaking the Silence: Trauma-informed Behavioral Healthcare (pdf)

~ AJC: Advocates: State's mental health system improving, but gaps exist

~ Rising Mortality Rates for People with Serious Mental Illness

~ A High-Profile Executive Job as Defense Against Mental Ills

~ Peer Foundation for the South East Region

~ NPR: Mental First Aid: How To Help In An Emotional Crisis

~ Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities

~ Voices Carry

~ Recovery is Real: Patient-Turned-Mentor Shares Story of Hope and Offers Support to Others

~ Trauma Informed Behavioral Healthcare (pdf)

~ A Vision for New Directions in Mental Health Reform

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