Mission  Statement
"Our mission is to promote recovery through advocacy, education, employment, empowerment, peer support and self help, and to unite as one voice to support the priorities set each year at the annual convention.


• 20 To Work By 2000 —The Consumer Network’s nationally acclaimed employment
initiative strove to move 20 percent of all consumers in day programs into community jobs by the year 2000. That goal, supported by all the regions of the state, was actually surpassed with some 2,800 consumers
finding meaningful work in the community
by the August 1999 convention.
• Since 1992 has hosted one of the largest
statewide annual consumer conventions
in the nation.
• Implemented Double Trouble in Recovery
groups in 1996 for people with dual
diagnosis at the time of the Olympics.
The Project continues to grow.
• Supports Recovery Through The Arts.
• Implemented S.H.A.R.E. recovery dialogues
and self-help groups.
• Implemented Certified Peer Specialists
training across the state.
Our Goals

• Continue to host an annual consumer
conference that promotes recovery
and identifies the top priorities of consumers statewide.

• Continue to promote employment with
emphasis on quality jobs that foster
true independence.

• Continue training opportunities for
consumers including the Certified
Peer Specialist Project and Wellness
Recovery Action Plan.

• Educate consumers on the federal
Work Incentive Improvement Act that
was signed into law December 17,

• Educate consumers on the new Medicaid
reimbursements for peer support
services in Georgia such as PEER

• Support the development of new consumer
leaders through the Georgia
Peer Support Institute.

• Support consumer access to transportation.

• Support the expansion of recovery
through the arts and the Double Trouble
in Recovery Program.

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